Insurance Replacements

Why Choose Gemological Resources for insurance replacements?


Gemological Resources has been serving the jewelry replacement business for over 30 years. We have a longstanding history of working with local, national and global insurance companies to insure total client satisfaction. The GRI team will ensure that your clients are placed in the same position or better than they were prior to their claim.


Our team of GIA Graduate Gemologists and Jewelry Replacement Specialists has the education and special training required to serve you and your policy holders. GRI is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments to conduct detailed examination of gemstones and jewelry. We also have portable gem labs to serve your clients at their home, office or other suitable location.
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Global Buying Power

GRI is your source for large diamonds, rare gemstones, period and estate pieces. Our established relationships with mines and cutters worldwide allow us to provide the highest quality replacement items at competitive cost. This is especially important in under-insured cases. Our business structure removes the middle man and allows us to pass the savings directly on to you!


GRI's jewelry replacement services are consolidated into one location to expedite the replacement process process. Our expert jewelers perform complete bench work directly on-site. GRI also offers custom design and master goldsmith services to re-create intricate, antique and heirloom pieces for your policy holders. In addition, the replacement item somes with an independent appraisal conducted by one of our GIA Graduate Gemologists.


Gemological Resources offers one stop shopping! No need to call several vendors to locate a suitable replacement item. From design to finished product, GRI can provide a replacement item that exceeds your expectations. And, one of our expert jewelry professionals can meet the insured in the convenience of their home, office or other suitable location to insure total client satisfaction.

Confidentialy and Privacy

Gemological Resources offers consultations by appointment to insure discretion and integrity. You and your policyholder can be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential!

Why replace rather than provide a cash settlement?

Reduce Fraud

The potential for fraud is greatly reduced because the insurance replacement prevents the policy from being used as an easy way to obtain cash.

Continuity of Premiums

You enjoy the continuity of premiums with the new replacement item. More importantly, your company maintains a client when they reschedule their jewelry after the claims process has been completed.

Under-insured claims:

You and your policy holders benefit from our wholesale buying power, which is especially valuable in under-insured cases.

Customer Satisfaction

The Gemological Resources replacement process will leave you and your policy holders feeling well satisfied and protected!