Custom Design: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

From drawings to finished work, GRI can craft one-of-a-kind jewelry to maximize the beauty of your gemstone. Let our skilled staff of jewelry designers and goldsmiths create an exquisite masterpiece for you! Click here to browse some of our work.

Custom Design: Hand Fabricated Jewelry

Our metalsmiths have years of expertise and specialize in hand fabricated silver and gold jewelry. We construct our pieces from sterling silver, fine silver, and high karat gold, starting with flat sheet and/or wire. Come in with photos, drawings or anything that has inspired you. We will combine your ideas with our expertise and experience to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom for you.

"Green" Gems and Metals - Ethical Sourcing:

Transparency and Traceability are the bedrock of all ethical claims. Gems: All gems come from known and trusted retailers, fair trade dealers or direct from the mines themselves. Ethical diamonds from various countries (including Canada and Australia) come with full certification. Metals: Gold, platinum, silver are sourced from ecologically and ethically sound mines from around the world. As with everything we do here at GRI, we promise to tell you the truth. We believe in transparency, even when it isn't a selling point.

Restyling - Adapt your Jewelry:

Did we remove two links from your sapphire bracelet? Why not make matching earrings? Did you inherit a pin from your grandmother? We can turn that beautiful antique pin you never wear into a necklace you never take off. Need an idea? Come in, we have plenty!

Incorporate your own stones:

Do you have diamonds or gemstones that were passed down to you, removed when you scrapped gold, or in a piece of jewelry you never wear? Use those stones to create a beautiful NEW piece of jewelry.
Remount - Create a New Look:

Want to change your setting from gold to platinum? Or need a new look for your engagement ring? Our design consultants are some of the best in the industry and will help you discover the possibilities.
Jewelry Purchase & Salvage:

Do you have damaged or unwanted gold, diamonds, jewelry or flatware? Bring them to GRI and quickly turn your items into cash. We offer salvage quotes and payment immediately upon inspection!
Jewelry Repair and Restoration:

Have a beautiful piece that was inherited? Our expert jewelers can repair your damaged jewelry item and restore jewelry to it's original luster and design. We specialize in intricate restoration work in all metals including platinum. From fabricating an accent or complete over haul of your worn or damaged jewelry; we have been re-makers of the sentimental for over thirty-three years. Let GRI refurbish your treasured antique or heirloom jewelry to ensure its durability and beauty for years to come!

Brokering/Consignment Services for Resale of Pre-owned Jewelry:

Whether you have a single jewelry item or an entire estate to sell, GRI can turn your jewelry items into cash with dignity and privacy. Through our global network of potential buyers and sellers, GRI will secure the highest price for your jewelry item.

We can make that chipped, scratched, burned or old mine cut diamond look like the day it was purchased - brand new! We offer full recuts, or reshaping services. Have a noticeable scratch on the table of your sapphire? We can re-polish the facets and make it look simply awesome. Our master diamond/gemstone cutters are able to enhance a diamond/gemstone that you already own in miraculous ways.


With custom engraving, your gift will have that special touch that makes it just that much more unique. A gift that is personalized carries special importance and meaning. Engraving creates a personal touch that can transform a fine piece into a work of art. We can engrave rings, cufflinks, tiepins, lockets, charms, watches, awards, frames and much more. We assure that you are receiving a one of a kind miniature work of art, to be cherished by generations to come.

Pearl Stringing:

Every now and then your pearls are going to need to be re-strung. If you wear your pearls quite often, then you will probably need to have your pearls re strung once a year. Stringing is done by an experienced pearl stringer and most jobs are completed within 1-2 weeks.

Complimentary Cleaning & Inspection:

We offer complimentary cleaning and inspection of jewelry to our clients every time they come see us. Stop by, make your jewelry sparkle!